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Subconscious Mind Programming
May 27, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by A Good Day to Die

Perhaps, since my last blog you took the opportunity to listen up for your internal gatekeeper? If not, now worries. Your gatekeeper is always listening up. Were you able to give a definition to your own “it and its”? 

My own definition of IT is the simplest one I could conjure up - since science says, the simplest definitions are the closest to the truth.

“IT” is your very own original - identity thief. He or she is usually fully formed between the ages of 5 and 7 years of age, depending on social and economic imprinting; once a fully formed IT runs the show. Today's mainstream behavioral science says that after the age of seven years of age, 95% of our behavior is a reaction to the programing of our IT. WOW, any wonder most people live in the world of chaos and confusion with little hope of finding piece of mind. 

Now, imagine what your life could look like if the programing of your IT, that runs 95% of your behavior, was able to be reprogrammed to support the creation of your authentic heart’s desire instead of the programing by others? 

I will use the analogy of a computer that best represent the human mind bubble.

From the moment of conception our consciousness starts gathering information. This information is stored in the etheric field, while the brain is being formed. Most brain development occurs in the third trimester and after birth. The heart is the first organ to form during development of the body in the first trimester. Mainstream science now knows that the toroidal field of the heart is 5,000 times more powerful than that of the brain. The energetic field of the heart stores and maintains the essence of our authentic self, while waiting for the brain to develop, and is not influenced by our IT.

We have two brains. What? That’s right. The one between our ears called the mind and the other at the center of everything, the heart. I have a saying whenever I have to make a choice - “Follow your heart, it knows the way”. The wisdom of our internal gatekeeper cannot be emphasized enough. I refer to my gatekeeper as my, gut instincts or intuition.

An example of how my gatekeeper works, is when I am working with a group of veterans and one of them comes up to me and says, “Wow, what you just said was off the hook.” 

That response triggers my gatekeeper to open up and permit that perception to enter my subconscious. That flow of positive energy, and my perception of I'm a wonderful coach, will now grow and continue to manifest into the events of my life.

However, if someone I am working with is sitting in the back-row thinking, “Boy, this guy is a whack job and full of shit,” my gatekeeper will keep the gate closed and reject that projection as an untruth. It simply does not fit my perception of myself or how I view the world. The incredibly, and strange, part of the gatekeeper’s roll is that it appears to be fully established by the time we're about four years old. The first time I understood this concept, everything else started making sense. I started to experience the expression, “is all made up.” 

What the...? You mean to tell me that the little boy in me is running the show. How can this be? What is the meaning of life if it's all made up?

Everything I knew was now up for review, and my personal journey down the rabbit hole started to accelerate. I remember that moment like it was yesterday, as I wiped the tears from my face. Finally, there was hope for a guy like me who has always know there was something wrong in side of me and now I knew what is was. 

BS is the shortest description in language. The first thing most people think of is the phrase - bull shit. That resonated with me, having had this sixth sense all my life. I finally realized what BS really meant - Belief Systems, developed by my gatekeeper between the ages of five to seven years old. My gatekeeper had created filters thru which I would view the world. 

Have you ever heard the expression “rose colored glasses”? What if you could change the lens you view the world from, in a heartbeat? Would you experience the world you are creating entirely? 

Coming up next, the vicious cycle of it.