Thoughts and ideas from A Good Day to Die
Stage 5 of Awakening
July 1, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Stage 5 of Awakening, is the stage of conscious creation or the ability to consciously create one's life from the awake state. Many people arrive at Stage 5 and mistakenly believe it is the final stage of awakening but it is actually a bridge to an even greater experience of awakening. In Stage 5 of Awakening, you experience and deepen all the attributes of Stage 4, but you also step into your power as conscious creator. Although there is no preordained point or purpose to life you now understand that the point and purpose of life can be anything you choose; and you integrate this understanding by consciously choosing the purpose of your life because that is the point in which work and play merge into one. You experience peace and fulfillment equally in both. You no longer do anything out of obligation or need. Instead, you are guided through inspiration and pure desire. You experience a direct connection to all of life and you are inspired to create in a whole new matter through intuitive connection with infinite intelligence. You might develop new paradigms of community building, teaching or leadership. At this stage, you have the ability to attract relationships and form communities that support the betterment of humanity. Since you have now mastered your thoughts and beliefs, you can live in the moment and consciously create the life you desire, while also creating for the future and a pure connection with the prime creator. You are a channel of expression in all you do; whatever stage you might now be experiencing, you cannot get it wrong and there are no tests to pass. Awakening is simply a natural process, just like the caterpillar that awakens as the butterfly, a common question is how long does each stage take? The time we spend in each stage is not predetermined but we can move through a stage quicker and easier when we utilize a mindfulness practice of letting go. Letting go is truly the secret of awakening. As more and more people awaken, a threshold of awakening will be experienced and the masses will awaken in a much different paradigm than those of us who have already awakened or who are awakening now. The stages of awakening will be less defined and maybe even disappear altogether; no matter where you are on your journey to awakening you are exactly where you need to be.