Thoughts and ideas from A Good Day to Die
Stage 4 of Awakening
June 28, 2019 at 7:00 AM

During this stage of resolution, your authentic (true) self has finally overshadowed your inauthentic (false ) self; or also known as the egoic self. The struggles that you experienced in the first three stages are over and you experience a deep peace with knowing who you really are. You are no longer seeking answers but rather, only the next question that leads to - what’s next? This is sometimes known as the Eckhart Tolle Stage of Awakening. All your belief systems have been overhauled in the past three stages and the belief systems that remain now support harmony and balance. You have mastered the art of letting go and surrendering to a higher power. You also experience and have access to this inner power that I call, “GOD consciousness”. Your processing of information, during unfolding events, is now outside of the egos control and has been replaced with faith. You have learned to trust again therefore attracting trustworthiness. Your perceptions from your authentic self now allows you see and understand your life in such a way that you’re past and present all make sense. 

You have forgiven everyone for everything, including yourself, and your unconscious programming has been replaced with God consciousness. There are no emotional or mental prisons holding you captive. You have broken the chains of being a victim that was creating your world of learned helplessness. You have now taken responsibility for your entire life. You are no longer blaming anyone, for anything, as you have found freedom from the bondage of self. You now start the process of reaching out to all the people who have ever been affected by your judgment and expectations; you are no longer trying to prove your worthiness, as you have discovered your own intrinsic worth. 

As a direct result of the steps you have taken, in the first 3 Stages, you are now experiencing unconditional self-love. Although you may have felt alone on your journey, you are experiencing a deep and profound connection to all of life. This sense of loneliness soon fades into “As One” consciousness while the desire for the old paradigm of relationships has shifted. You no longer are inauthentic in any of your affairs. Your desire to fit in or be normal has vanished. You allow yourself to be exactly who you really are without needing approval or acceptance from anyone. You know longer have a need to change anyone or help those you love wake up. You are pleasantly surprised that some people you know are actually awakening; all as a result of who you are now being in their presence.

Your relationships improve and the new people who come into your life are better aligned with who you really are. You’re also learning how to integrate your insights and develop a greater understanding for the journey you have been on. You start to authentically share your story in order to stay present to who you are becoming. You start to teach and mentor not because you feel you have to, or because you need to, but only because it brings you joy. You are now guided by purpose and have a compelling desire to support others on their journey; or you may have no inclination to whatsoever. If you take the role of teacher, mentor, healer or coach you do not take responsibility for others but rather you empower them to become empowered. You no longer take anything personally, and another's behavior has little or no effect on you during stage

It is common to have some sort of spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga or mindfulness but not because you are trying to get somewhere or accomplish something as in the previous stage. 

These new found practices feel good to you and are a natural expression of your life; as you start to experience increased intuition and the ability to access infinite intelligence. It is as if you have a direct line to unlimited information within your subconscious mind. This stage is marked by living in the moment of now and you have made peace with the realization that there is no meaning to life other than that you give it. As a result it, is effortless to live in the present moment while your love for life and all living beings overflows unconditionally with gratitude and appreciation. During this “state of being”, the concepts of good and bad or right and wrong have dissolved, knowing full well that inside everyone and everything - is love. 

You have taken stock of yourself realizing that you are still you and are now free from ego control. Realizing that no authentic parts have been lost during your journey to awakening your personality may not be quite the same but you are likely more easy-going and lighthearted. 

Either you have found a lively world that is aligned with who you really are or you have made peace with your present-day livelihood; intentionally, manifesting authentic choice and truly letting go. There is really no thought of happiness because you no longer need anything to make you happy. You have come to realize that the secret to happiness is living in the moment and it is now easy to be present at all times. You have learned how to master your thoughts and beliefs systems but surprisingly you may have no desire to change anything in your life. Although you likely experience the full range of emotions these emotions no longer rule you or control your choices or relationships.

Your higher self or God consciousness has integrated into your body and you live your life as your authentic self without all the masks. You are finally conscious and awake and grateful that your past, asleep inauthentic self, had the courage to make this journey down your own rabbit hole and now it was worth it, a million times over. Please pause for a quiet moment to reflect on what has been shared and let me know what your present is, too, at